When it comes to pet nutrition there is a lot of information that has been skewed to fit certain perceptions and lifestyles. I will try to go over a few things here to make your life simple when choosing a dog food.


Although many try to say bi-products can be liver and other organs, I assure you that when it says by-product on a bag of dog food, it means beaks, feet and even feathers. If a dog food company puts organs in their food they will advertise it.


Fillers constitute an ingredient with little to no nutritional value. Corn, wheat, Soy, Powdered Cellulose.
Yes Corn has value to sled dogs in that it slows digestion allowing them to digest more of their food, but if you are reading this I doubt you have a sled dog.
Powdered Cellulose takes but a google search to realize that it is a fancy way of saying SAW DUST it is un-digestible plant fiber. You can actually find it in human food as well.



In french it is called "farine de poulet" and the translation to English of Chicken Flour more adeptly describes it. If you take a chicken breast and dehydrate it and grind it into a powder, you get all the protein of a chicken breast in perhaps a teaspoon of powder.

Grains are bad

Due to the three filler grains Corn, Wheat and Soy, all grains have been given a bad name. In fact grains have a lot of benefits to a dog and we usually recommend them. Grains such as oats and barley are great digestive aids and generally lead to firmer healthier stools as well as being a less expensive ingredient than their grain free replacement lentils and peas. So unless your dog has allergies or is particularly picky eater, grain free is not necessarily better.

The bottom line is, when picking a dog food, look at ingredients, recall history and then price. After all paying 30$ for a bag of food that will last you 2 weeks is not cheaper than paying 60$ for a bag of food that will last you 1 month; especially if you factor the added in costs of vet bills and even poop bags due to the extra amount of food that your dogs stomach has to digest.
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