Choosing the right Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food is an integral part of, not only your dog's, but your life. Many consumer's decision making is based primarily on cost. What many people don't realize is that less expensive dog food is costing you much more in the end.

   A high quality dog food contains much less filler than a cheaper brand, this means that you may change from feeding your dog 8 cups of dog food a day to just 4 (as I did). Imagine that this means you are feeding half the amount per day or in retrospect your food will last twice as long. As much as this might save you, the real savings lies in the fact that you will be heading to vet less often! Vet bills due to skin conditions, disease and even fleas can most often be avoided with the right dog food. I'm sure some people are questioning how dog food can affect fleas; believe it or not fleas are around our pets all the time, they jump on and off without us even knowing. Animals that are healthy will create optimal amounts of oil on their skin and coat whereas fleas prefer dry skin.
   The right dog food is much more that just about taste or cost, it is about getting those few extra years with your four legged friend.